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15 Lovely Pictures Of Hoi An

Under the lens of French photographers- Réhahn, Hoi An appears idyllic and attractive. Today, TravelVietnamtoday.net will introduce 15 Lovely Pictures Of Hoi An.

Hoi An is an ancient town in Central Vietnam where reputable travel sites in the world voted as the top most beautiful destinations on the planet.

Shimmering lanterns are a typical spotlight of Hoi An by night.

The life in Hoi An is very simple and friendly as local people here.

Ms. Bui Thi Xong at the age of 78 was praised as the most beautiful elderly female on the world by American magazine.

Hoi An is viewed from high position, a part of Hoai river.

Hoai river- a branch of Thu Bon river crossing Hoi An that creates a poetic landscape in the ancient town.


Cua Dai beach is a must-visit destination in Hoi An. The best moment to view sunset on Cu Dai beach is from May to September.

Moreover, if tourists want to wander around, you can visit Tra Que village, 3 km from Hoi An in the northeast.

Tra Que villagers live on vegetable cultivation.

Or view dawn on Co Co river.

Co Co river flows from Thanh Chau commune (Hoi An) to the west of Ngu Hanh Son complex and then merges with Cam Le river.

Peaceful moments and nice landscapes of Hoi An leave tourists unforgettable experiences and always want to come back.
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