10/17/2019 9:19:09 AM

EON51: Celebrating Vietnamese Women’s Day

Being inspired by the values of the Vietnamese women in the new era, EON51’s special programs to celebrate Vietnamese Women Day (20/10/2019) promises to bring about a lot of interesting and attractive activities.

Located in the 50th, 51th, 52th floor of Bitexco tower - one of the iconic symbols of magnificent Sai Gon, Cafe EON, EON51 Restaurant and Lounge and EON Heli Bar own extremely expensive sightseeing views. Standing here, you can capture the glorious view of the whole city, especially when the night comes down, you will feel like standing among a gold-plated river with myriad of sparkling lights shining under your feet.

Her Mode - The diverse lifestyle of 21st-century-woman is the theme of Cafe EON with the aim of bringing about the image of bravery, confident and self-controlled Vietnamese women. Coming to Cafe EON on this 20th October, beautiful ladies have opportunities to receive hundreds of attractive gifts from Cafe EON and our sponsors, besides, including vibrant Asian-Vietnamese cuisine and special smoothie from 160.000VND++ specialized for ladies.  
The Empress - Conquer a man's world is EON 51 Restaurant & Lounge’s theme, enhancing the strong spirit, the charm and attractiveness of the modern Vietnamese women, which can be seen like a queen controls their own world. With the cozy, luxurious atmosphere and magnificent view from an altitude of 200 meters, EON51 Restaurant & Lounge is the thorough harmony of high-class space, sweet melody of Violin, Saxophone and Guitar as well as subtle Western cuisine such as Fresh Nha Trang Oyster, Pan-seared Foie Gras, Saffron Risotto, Grilled USA Tenderloin and lastly a beautiful dessert Dark Chocolate Fondant, with only 1.250.000VND++. More specifically, women coming to EON51 on October 20th will also receive a lot of gifts from EON51 restaurant and our sponsors.

The moths, which are known as the queen of the mysterious night, are promised to bring about the captivating atmosphere that covers EON Heli Bar on October 20th. Moth - Beauty in the dark is Heli Bar’s theme, inspired by the hidden charm and attractiveness of modern Vietnamese women. This attractiveness will be expressed in many different ways, not only via women’s appearance, but also through their manners or words. With a lot of interesting activities such as taking photos and checking-in to have the opportunity to "pick" gifts through the lucky draw game as well as sipping a unique Pixie cocktail for only 280,000VND ++. EON Heli Bar promises to be a place that cannot be ignored on this 20th October.
Let’s make a reservation today to keep the best seats for yourselves. For more information about the event, please get access to our website www.eon51.com or our brands’ fanpage Cafe EON, EON51 Restaurant & Lounge and EON Heli Bar.

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