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Long Hau IP: Partner Day 2019

Grasping the diverse needs of businesses, many types of rental factories are being offered in the market with flexible areas. Long Hau Industrial Park is leading the trend by leasing 03 models of factories today, bringing practical benefits to tenants and investors

Recently, many industrial parks (IPs) have invested in building ready-built factories for renting with different sizes. However, Investors often find it difficult to source a suitable factory model because of many related factors such as location, particular manufacturing industry, rental fees, different quality requirements ...

Beside business owners, there are consultants, domestic and foreign business associations who also interested in the supply of quality workshops to support their business partners in the current industrial real estate market. In addition to price issues, businesses are always eager to find a suitable type of factory for production lines, a stable working environment and fully- equipped facilities to support businesses.

Addressing that need, on May 16, Long Hau Corporation organized the event "Partner Day 2019" to meet over 50 strategic partners to exchange and share many focus points in the home market. Thereby, LHC representatives and partners have jointly analyzed the benefits of various types of workshops for businesses, especially three new factory models in Long Hau Industrial Park which are very interested by businesses

Build-to-suit factory: this is a factory model designed and built according to the requirements of the enterprise, helping to optimize the use area. Selecting this model, Investor will be consulted and designed by Long Hau Industrial Park, including selecting construction contractors and supporting supervision until handing over the completed factories. Many small and medium enterprises and foreign enterprises do not have many management personnel and construction experience interested in this model.
High-rise factory: 6-storey factory space with modern, clean and beautiful design as an office building, is considered a new trend suitable for public sector enterprises. supporting industries, electronic components, light industry production, garment or office leasing.

LHC representative said: This is the first high-rise factory in Long An province. The whole factory is equipped with: moving elevators, freight ladders, automatic fire protection systems Sprinkler, telecommunications, wastewater treatment, private garage areas ... to help tenants save many initial investment costs.

Long Hau high-tech factory - Da Nang (Hi-tech factory): is the first ready-built factory in Da Nang Hi-tech Park - one of the three largest hi-tech parks in the country. Strategic location, low rental costs and superior tax incentives, this is the most reasonable choice for high-tech manufacturing enterprises or supporting high-tech industries.

Partner’s Representatives have shared about the specific benefits that investors will receive when hiring these types of factories compared to conventional ready-built factories that are very bustling on the market today.

Also during the event "Partner Day 2019", LHC representatives also introduced to new utility project partners for businesses - Service and trade center with modern design, scale 6,000 onsite. When inaugurated, this will be the first commercial center in Long Hau - Hiep Phuoc area, increasing utilities for residents and workers in the neighborhood, contributing to the ecology of a complete industrial urban area.

“Partner Day 2019” is an official meeting event organized by Long Hau Joint Stock Company to express gratitude to partners who are promoters and investment advisors who have accompanied with in recent years. With the desire to further strengthen the cooperation and update relationship with the latest information about outstanding projects that Long Hau Industrial Park, LHC will continue to organize this activity as a regularly annual event, providing great opportunity to meet and share useful information in the market.

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