8/8/2016 10:56:31 AM

Park Hyatt Saigon offers luxury mooncake collection

Park Hyatt Saigon will present an exclusive high-end mooncake collection, perfect for family gatherings and gifts during the Mid-Autumn Festival season.

The hotel’s mooncake collection consists of four cakes in four different shapes, combining traditional and contemporary flavours - pure lotus double york, consisting of pure lotus paste and double golden premium salted egg york, perfect for yolk lovers who crave for traditional flavor. Those who are in love with contemporary mooncakes can enjoy premium green tea with the lotus paste which provides a unique aromatic experience. 

The mixed nuts with Cantonese pastry skin is a mixture of varieties of nuts including almond, walnut, melon kernel seed… that makes this mooncake even more tasting. 

While the brand new red bean marmalade mung bean which consists of red bean paste with melon kernel seeds and marmalade mung bean and orange peels inside a Cantonese pastry skin will definitely bring you a special taste that you have never tried before.
Park Hyatt Saigon
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