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Savor burrata cheese - a signature delicacy of Puglia

This May, get ready to visit Puglia, the southern region of Italy that is the second stop on Chef Matteo’s culinary journey of the country. With plenty of sun, fertile soil and a flat landscape, Puglia is an ideal place to grow fruits and vegetables.


Puglia is also considered a cheese haven, as there are a number of excellent cheeses from the region. One of the most well-known is burrata, a foodie highlight that is rich, soft, milky and delicious.  In terms of pasta, Pugliesi pride themselves on their orecchiette (“little ears” in Italian), which they still make fresh, by hand, every day.  In the shape of tiny bowls, orecchiette is often served with thick sauces.

Chef Matteo will present the flavours of Puglia in a four-course dinner menu, using burrata in every dish. The dinner will begin with an oozy burrata tartare that will perfectly combine grilled prawns and cold cherry-tomato soup.


This will be followed by authentic Puglian orecchiette prepared with broccoli cream, anchovies and burrata. Next, cheese lovers will delight in savouring sea bass grilled with burrata cream and crispy eggplant.  

And finally, to finish, diners will be presented with delectable chocolate mousse, a bite of burrata ice cream and chilled hazelnut soup.  

“We chose burrata cheese this month because of its fame and tasty flavour,” said Chef Matteo. “It is very important for us to fully understand the product and then balance all the ingredients.  We tried our best to combine them in various dishes and to create a unique dining experience for the guests.”
By Park Hyatt Saigon

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