9/22/2019 2:58:45 PM


HCA would like to invite you to attend and sponsor VIO 2019 - FinTech Conference & Exhibition. This is expected to be a forum connecting the IT community and the business sector, banking organizations, world finance, contributing to the development of technology.

The series of events is expected to attract 1,200 attendees on October 30th and 31st 2019, 60% of attendees are businesses, organizations in the fields of IT, finance, economics and multi-sector; 15% are central and local state management agencies; 10% are professional associations, trade promotion organizations, diplomatic missions, schools and institutes; 10% are start-up businesses, incubators, startup ecosystems, investment funds, 5% are news agencies.

• Future of Fintech
• FinTech's development trend, role and impact on the economy in the current context
• FinTech and the change of technology, payment services
• ML/AI in the FinTech marketplace/ Chatbot / Bootrom
• The cyber security  challenges for FinTech
• FinTech – Innovative Start-ups
• Fintech & Human-resource
For further information please connect to:
Ms. Yen: (+84) 937654686 - yenth@hca.org.vn – tranhoangyen.media@gmail.com
Ms. Chau: (+84) 931064882 - chaucp@hca.org.vn – chungphungchau@gmail.com

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